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There exist no real conflicts of interests between Germany and Russia. The living spaces of Germany and Russia touch each other. but in their natural requirements they do not overlap. Thus there is lacking all cause for an aggressive attitude on the part of one country against the other. Germany has no aggressive intentions against the U.S.S.R. The Reich Government are of the opinion that there is no question between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea which cannot be settled to the complete satisfaction of both countries. Among these are such questions as: the Baltic Sea, the Baltic States, Poland, South-Eastern questions, etc. Over and above such matters political cooperation between the two countries can only have a beneficial effect. 

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The contradiction between the national idea, exemplified by National Socialist Germany, and the idea of world revolution, exemplified by the U.S.S.R., has in past years been the sole cause for the alignment of Germany and Russia in ideologically separate and hostile camps. The developments of the recent period seem to show that differing philosophies do not prohibit a reasonable relationship between the two States, and the restoration of new, friendly cooperation. The period of opposition in foreign policy could therefore be brought to an end once and for all and the way opened to a new future for both countries.

is attending the Funeral of Isaac Brodsky in Leningrad

Central problem is Poland. Must be carried through at all costs. Attack possible with violation Belgian-Dutch neutrality.

Success, political or military, cannot be had without taking risks. As opponents, only a matter of England—apart from Poland herself—with France towed in her wake.

England, unlike in 1914, will not allow herself to blunder into a war lasting for years. Talk of England wanting a long war discounted. No Government will make a long war their primary aim. England, knowing war, is well aware that she stands to lose in a war, and that even a victorious war would not make up for the cost of such a war. See more

The gamble is not paying off. The German war machine reveals signs of increasing human and mechanical fatigue. The symptoms of a sickness in which the German state has lived for many years do not end there.

The crisis which has been produced in German-Polish relations by English policy, as well as English agitation for war and the attempts at an alliance which are bound up with that policy, make a speedy clarification of German-Russian relations necessary. Otherwise matters might, without Germany contributing thereto, take a turn which would deprive both Governments of the possibility of restoring German-Russian friendship and in due course clarifying jointly territorial questions in Eastern Europe. The leadership of both countries, therefore, should not allow the situation to drift, but should take action at the proper time. It would be fatal if, through mutual ignorance of views and intentions, the two peoples should finally drift apart.

Warm & fine. Damsons (such as there are) almost ripe. Finished getting ground ready for greens. At last found the lost hen, which was sitting on 13 eggs. She has been gone just a month. Altogether 6 broodies now (out of 23 hens). Put them all in Eileen’s cage this afternoon. Yesterday with great difficulty we weighed a duck, &, if we were not wrong, it was about 3¾ lb (6½ weeks). So we are going to send the 2 biggest to market tomorrow to see what they fetch.

10 eggs (3 small).

L'Indifférent by Jean-Antoine Watteau has been stolen from the Louvre

I find Mussolini worried. I do not hesitate to arouse in him every possible anti-German reaction by every means in my power. I speak to him of his diminished prestige and his playing the none-too-brilliant role of second fiddle. And, finally, I turn over to him documents which prove the bad faith of the Germans on the Polish question. The alliance was based on premises which they now deny; they are traitors and we must not have any scruples in ditching them. But Mussolini still has many scruples. I am going to do my level best to convince him, because in so doing I am sure that I shall render a great service to him and to my country. See more

Information from Gdańsk – 2 customs inspectors were arrested and a motorboat was seized. I informed the prime minister and minister Beck.

  1. German-Italian “compromise” scheme for Polish problem alleged to have been formulated, in a form that would obviously not be accepted by Poland. [ Daily Telegraph ]
  2. Staff talks in Moscow have begun. [ Daily Telegraph ]

There is no doubt that German-Russian policy today has come to an historic turning-point. The decisions with respect to policy to be made in the immediate future in Berlin and Moscow will be of decisive importance for the development of relations between the German and the Russian peoples for generations. On these decisions will depend whether the two peoples will some day, again and without any compelling reason, take up arms against each other, or whether they pass again into a new friendly relationship. It has gone well with both countries previously when they were friends and badly when they were enemies. See more

On declaration with regard to Burckhardt’s travel to Germany

Since Burckhardt’s trip features negotiations, today I declared to the ambassadors of Great Britain and France that the Polish government considered behaviour of the Secretary-General of the League of Nations improper because Mr. B. leads discussions on Danzig with the Reich’s government who is not a member of the league and other powers, behind the Polish government’s back. Due to the status of the Free City and the fact that Poland is a member of the League, our government should be informed about everything first. See more

moves to Paris

As we have been informed, the Soviet Government also feel the desire for a clarification of German-Russian relations. Since, however, according to previous experience this clarification can be achieved only slowly through the usual diplomatic channels, I am prepared to make a short visit to Moscow in order, in the name of the Führer, to set forth the Führer's views to M. Stalin. In my view, only through such a direct discussion can a change be brought about, and it should not be impossible thereby to lay the foundations for a final settlement of German-Russian relations.

At night in Szczebrzeszyn more than 40 reservists were called up for service, including doctor Jóźwiakowski and judge Sokołowski. Excitement is great. We accompanied leaving reservists to the station. Those called up were in a perfect mood. I am completely thrown off balance. It is difficult for me to do ordinary everyday work. I am getting carried away.