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We sat in a large central box and admired the excellent musical performance and the unique charm of Russian ballet. I have often heard that the current opera and ballet art in Russia is not inferior to that which existed in tsarist times. Prima ballerina, who came for us from Leningrad, danced superbly. (I remembered the time of a quarter-century ago — even before World War I, when I saw the unforgettable Anna Pavlova in my New York friends' house and admired this extraordinary woman.) I wanted to personally thank the ballerina, but Count Schulenburg advised: this can be perceived with displeasure. I sent her flowers, hoping that in the Kremlin this would not cause unpleasant consequences.

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Secret Additional Protocol:

The undersigned Plenipotentiaries at the conclusion of the Soviet-German border treaty and friendship stated their agreement in the following:

Both sides will not allow any Polish agitation in their territories that acts on the territory of another country. They will eliminate the germs of such agitation on their territories and will inform each other about the measures that are expedient for this.

Hello! Hello! Can you hear us? This is our last message. Today, German troops entered Warsaw. 

Our thoughts are with the Polish soldiers fighting on Hel and all the other soldiers, wherever they are. Poland has not perished yet! Long live Poland!

Warsaw has surrendered after a heroic defense against overwhelming odds. Hitler is, therefore, free to turn his attention westwards, but it remains to be seen whether he will have the courage and stupidity to strike the first serious blow.

I lunched with Charles Ritchie, from Canada House, at Coquille. He was in quite good spirits, and said what really got him down was the attempt to resurrect all the songs, scenes and emotions of 1914. It was like sitting in the dentist's waiting-room and turning over the pages of some twenty-five-year-old magazines.

It is, I think, essential that no gratuitous humiliations be heaped on the German people and that no reparations be taken. Moreover, purely German areas, like Danzig and the Sudetenland should be included in the confederation. Of course the trouble will be that while many will agree that Germany should be treated with magnanimity, others, and especially the French, will be in favour of the harshest peace terms. I suppose the result will be a compromise, like Versailles, and in consequence discontent and resentment in Germany on which another Hitler will be able to build his diabolical system.

Blessed be God for bringing me out of this alive!

Last night will go down in history as another St. Bartholomew's Massacre—the terror of the former surpassing the terror of the latter, the victims of the former far outnumbering the victims of the latter. During the St. Bartholomew Massacre, the killing was done by hand-wielded weapons; during Warsaw's Night, the killing was done by heavy artillery trained on a metropolis full of quiet citizens.

Hitler has kept his promise. In order to destroy without mercy and yet remain "legally blameless," should the conscience of the world (if there is such a thing!) bring him to trial, he has wrapped himself in legalities.

Russians have entered the city. There are still shortages of food, clothing, shoes, everything. Long lines are forming in front of every shop. The Russians are especially eager to buy things. They’ve been organizing raids to get watches, fabrics, shoes, etc.

This Red Army is strange. You can’t tell a private from an officer. They all wear the same grayish-brown uniforms. They all speak the language I can’t understand. They call each other “Tovarishch”. Sometimes the officers’ faces are more intelligent, though. Poland has been totally flooded by the German and Russian armies. The only island still fighting is Warsaw. Our government has fled the country. And I had so much faith. See more

German-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and the border between the USSR and Germany.

Article I

The government of the USSR and the German government establish as a border between mutual state interests on the territory of the former Polish state, which is plotted on the attached map and will be described in more detail in the additional protocol.

Article II

Both sides recognize the border of mutual state interests established in Article I as final and will eliminate any interference by third powers in this decision. See more

Today, General Sikorski took command of the Polish army in France.

Warsaw has not given up. Apparently, negotiations with General Rómmel are underway. At night, we couldn’t hear any cannonfire. We can only come to our own conclusions, as there’s complete the lack of news. 

In German magazines, everything is propaganda intended for Germans and for us. Propaganda can be based on the truth, but not always. 

For now, we're managing as well as we can. No bread.

Warsaw surrendered. Apparently, it was an unconditional surrender. It seems that this decision was made due to total lack of ammunition. Of course, the defense of Warsaw or its capitulation have no influence on the fate of the war - it is already completely clear. The defense of Warsaw was just an outstanding moment - a beautiful and wonderful one, but it was just a brave moral act, not a military one.

No, I'm not sure of the date. And Vita is lunching here. I'm going to stop R. at 12, then read something real. I'm not going to let my brain addle. Little sharp notes. For somehow my brain is not very vigorous at the end of a book though I could dash off fiction or an article merrily enough. Why not relieve it then? Wasn't it my conscientious grind at The Years that killed it. So I whizz off to Stevenson - Jekyll and Hyde - not much to my liking. Very fine clear September weather. Windy but lovely light. And I can't form letters.

Trust protocol:

The government of the USSR will not prevent German citizens and other people of German origin residing in the areas of his interests if they are willing to move to Germany or to areas of German interests. It agrees that this resettlement will be carried out by representatives of the German Government in agreement with the competent local authorities and that the property rights of the displaced persons will not be affected.

The German Government assumes a corresponding commitment regarding persons of Ukrainian or Belarusian origin living in the areas of its interests.

If Germany, contrary to expectations, falls into a difficult situation, then you can be sure that the Soviet people will come to the aid of Germany and will not allow Germany to be strangled. The Soviet Union is interested in a strong Germany and will not allow it to be plunged to the ground.

Airplanes marked with an unfamiliar cross arrived in the morning. 

Today they paid us in meat of horses who had fallen dead in the streets. I stood at the gate from 2 to 5 at night.

Bolsheviks go to Lublin. Looking forward to the curiosity that it will be. Reportedly, they made an agreement with Germany, changed the border with the Soviets, which will go up the Narev, Nozer, Bug river to Kristinopol, not far from the Russian Rava, along San to its mouth. Besides Warsaw, Modlin also protects himself. However, Warsaw declares its readiness to surrender.

We were driving fast, and we reached Stockholm at 9 pm. We are staying at the Grand Hotel. 

I visited my parents. They moved from the old apartment at Odengatan to the new, pleasant one at Linnégatan, opposite Göta Lifgarde barracks. It was nice to hug them after all the adventures.