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The Gdańsk political police arrested the retired Polish post officer Teodor Klimkiewicz, the Polish railway guard Antoni Potulski and a clerk of the PKP Bieszka movement without providing any explanation.

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The editor of the Fränkischer Kurier has been informed of the seriousness of the international situation by personages high up in the Propaganda Ministry. Is this a bluff? Does not seem likely to me. According to them, on about 20 August, the Poles will be attacked by Germany and Lithuania, to whom we have apparently promised Vilna. Shortly before that there will be a propaganda build-up.

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Three Soviet planes crossed the Finnish border on the "Karelian Isthmus" and after a three-kilometer flight over Finnish territory, they returned to Soviet Russia.

According to the information from the police and border authorities, Finnish border guards were firing machine guns, and one plane was damaged.

is writing "A History of the English-Speaking Peoples"
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The courtyard here is very, very big. The government dacha is on our side, it has a large fence around it. We often look over the fence with envy, there is a wonderful park, with a pond, a swimming area, huge trees, manicured alleys, and many pine trees everywhere. It is so nice, so tempting. In the spring, the park is filled with the songs of birds. I can’t even describe the happiness when I heard nightingales here for the first time in many years. Several hours after that, I stood next to the park, frozen, listening to their songs. See more

The Supreme Commander's statement that Poland will fight even without its allies has threefold significance.

The German Reich was deprived of all illusions that it would achieve its own goals without the bloodshed, which it aspires to.
The lie of the German-born omnipotence instilled in the German nation threatens only bloodshed to achieve its’ ends. See more

The decision was reached after Mussolini ‘finally’ agreed to go along with it. Hitler is supposed to have thanked him, adding that he appreciated it more because Italy would have to bear the brunt of the first thrust. Mussolini is alleged to have declared that he would refuse to be drawn into a war if Russia had a pact with the Western Powers. His main worry is the Black Sea Fleet. This does not seem very plausible. 

Opening of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition

The Minister of Finance introduced and described a draft decree on changes in the credit of grain registers, as well as a draft decree aiming to settle the dispute over the Warsaw power plant.

The Minister of Agriculture mentioned the matter of redistributing 40 thousand hectares in the border belt (mainly because of Germans).

Finally, the matter of a special credit loan of 15 million zlotys (from the special reserves, at the request of the army) for a railway to buy coal and iron was finally settled.

The weather is good. Katerina and I went to Vigam to fix the corset. He will send it on the first, and it costs 155 francs. From there we got lost and walked on foot a long time. We should have bought flowers in Madeleine. I am tired.
The house is a mess.
The war is approaching closer each day.
I am so sorry for VolodyaVladimir Zlobin, poet and critic. He is turning to stone from loneliness.

The flat in Kiev isn’t bad, I was expecting worse. In July, Klavdia Dmitrievna arrived with her family. They were transferred to Chernigov. She spent a whole day with us. I really grew tired of running around Kreshschatyk Street with her, and then I was busy with lunch. Everything is so expensive now, there is never enough money. Oh well.

wins Tour de France

Today was the loan subscription. I asked for 100 roubles.