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Anglo-Franco-Polish negotiations

The French and the British ambassadors briefed me after the negotiations of the French-British-Soviet sides, in which the Soviets demanded the option of contact with the German army in Pomerania, in the Suwalki Region and in Eastern Lesser Poland. The British and the French position supported this statement. See more

In the next two weeks, a permanent alliance between England and Poland is to be signed. On the English side, this treaty is to be signed by min. Lord HalifaxSecretary of State for Foreign Affairs, on the Polish side by Ambassador RaczyńskiPolish ambassador to the United Kingdom. The treaty will replace the current mutual guarantees and will include a commitment to mutual assistance in the event of a direct and indirect threat to the independence of both powers.

Minister Bonnet requested to see me so he could inform me about the démarche that he had to undertake today regarding Ambassador Noël and General Musse.

In military negotiations with France and England, the Soviet government demanded that Soviet troops be allowed to enter Polish and Romanian territory in the event of a war. With regards to us, the Soviets would like to obtain permission for their troops to enter Eastern Małopolska and the Vilnius “corridor”. See more

In reply to our proposal to immediately start negotiating a political treaty I have received a letter from Lord Halifax yesterday night. In this letter he proposes to start the talks tomorrow, Wednesday: "If the Polish legal counsel would be on site by that date" or as soon as possible after that date. 

I must give H. a prompt answer as to the date and possible procedures.

Today discussions with the ambassadors of Great Britain and France in reference to suggestions of both governments. I asked if the French and the British governments consider it necessary to remind the government of the German Reich that such interference in Danzig affairs threatens peace, and that the governments of Great Britain and France would not be indifferent to it. I asked for a quick answer.

Moreover, I said that, since the German government had not previously published its declaration to the Polish chargé d'affaires in Berlin, I considered the case confidential and I did not inform press about it until I heard that Germany had publicised it.

Stay at the Vistula with the President of the Republic. I brought up: the last phase of negotiations in London; the possibility of trade credit in Paris; special loans for “mobilisation” requirements (150 million for the entire state and 15 million for PKP). Financial difficulties are multiplying and we make the most of our options. The grain matter (reserve 10% of farmers’ production in rye and wheat, minimum prices). The president has a positive opinion about the minister of the treasury's proposals.