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Wolfhilde von König

Joined Bund Deutscher Mädel (BDM) in 1936 at the age of 10.

The campaign in Poland has ended. So far, 450,000 prisoners; 1,200 large weapons taken. Mussolini, in a speech, once again calls on the Western powers to be sensible.

Today I handed out food stamps at the Tattenbachstrasse location.

Führer speech in Danzig: last chance for democracy. Jubilant cheering broke out for Adolf Hitler as he made his entrance into liberated German Danzig.


Brest-Litowsk has fallen. Invasion of Russian troops into the Polish state area. The first encounter between Russian and German troops.

Dad got vacation for the weekend. He visited us in a simple dark gray uniform. He had barely sat down in the bathtub when the bell rang. It was an order. It's getting serious now and he has to go to the battlefield. 

The German press reveals the atrocities committed by Polish marauders near Bromberg. Thousands of innocent German civilians were tortured by the Poles in the most horrific ways and then murdered. 

The first Heimnachmittag"Home-afternoon”: gathering time for the Jungmädel, a Nazi organization for girls aged 10-14 meeting since our vacation. Liesel reported on the advancement of our troops into Poland and exultation filled our hearts. Krakau has fallen; the Führe/s Frontline has already driven all the way to Graudenz. The Polish government has fled to Lublin. Unbelievable, but the absolute truth! Liesel told of her train station duties and of the refugees from the eastern and the western areas, of all the hardship and misery that she saw. We younger leaders are sorry that we cannot yet perform these duties. 

“Fill the sandbags” was the drill. First, we had to get the sand from the Isar River. The householders loaned us shovels and pails. The pails, when full, danced wildly and sometimes tumbled off when the wagon drove over a bumpy road. As we worked, we talked about the introduction of food stamps and of the nightly black-out procedures. These are things that we are not used to yet. The Führer is at the front. Ostoberschlesien is in German hands. 


The order is given. The Führer has called his people to arms in order to protect the German country, our Homeland, and to defend it against the enemy. The Führer spoke in military uniform. In his great historic speech he said, “The German youth will perform their assigned duties with happy hearts." These words make us proud and confident about the times to come. 

I wonder what our Führer will announce on September 1st in Parliament. Polish acts of terror against their ethnic-Germans take ever stronger forms. Fearful apprehension is visible on the faces of all the people that I see on the streets, in shops, or that I may pass anywhere else. There is anxiety and worry about the future: “War or Peace.”

There is mail correspondence between Adolf Hitler and the Prime Minister of France, Daladier, in which the Führer explains again that “Danzig and the Polish Corridor must be returned to Germany.” Poland mobilizes 19 million soldiers and drops bombs on German homes in Kattowitz. The Reichsparteitag [National Party Day rally held annually in Nuremberg] is cancelled.


 A non-aggression and consultation pact is to be contracted between Germany and the Soviet Union. Ribbentrop is flying to Moscow to confer with Molotov and Stalin. This important pact, to be in effect for 10 years, will be signed.