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Britain's determination to put an end to German aggression was reaffirmed by the Prime Minister in his fifth review of the war in the House of Commons yesterday.

The agreement between Germany and Russia, Mr. Chamberlain said, did not modify the attitude this country had felt it right to take. Speaking of "peace" proposals, he said that no threat would ever induce this country or France to abandon the purpose for which they had entered upon the struggle.

T.S. Elliott publishes "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats"
Sigmund Freud passed away


Russian troops crossed the Polish frontier along its whole length. The Poles state that they are resisting what they describe as "this flagrant act of aggression."

In a note handed to the Polish Ambassador in Moscow, the Russian Government state that, owing to the "disintegration" of the Polish State, they feel it their “sacred duty" to protect their blood-relations living on Polish territory.

Oxley submarine is sunk by HMS Triton


Do not use the telephone except for very urgent messages. A speedy telephone service is vital for defence. You may be causing delay to very urgent calls. To meet the needs of defence operations it may be necessary to disconnect some telephones temporarily.

Do not telegraph unless it is very urgent. Telegraph offices will also be dealing with official messages, and your message may delay important telegrams. 


The full machinery of the civil defence of Great Britain was set in motion yesterday. Local authorities were instructed to put the air raid warning system into operation. Henceforth the sounding of factory sirens and hooters is prohibited except to give warning of air raids. An air raid warning is given by a series of short blasts. The raiders passed " signal is given by a long, steady blast lasting two minutes.


Before 6 o'clock yesterday morning Germany invaded Poland and soon afterwards German aeroplanes were bombing Polish cities, including Warsaw. The British and French Governments promptly decided on a general mobilization.

Parliament met at 6 o'clock last evening, and the Prime Minister told a crowded House of Commons that the British and French Ambassadors in Berlin had been instructed to tell the German Government that unless their forces were promptly withdrawn from Polish territory Britain and France would fulfil their obligations to Poland. In reply Herr von Ribbentrop said that he must refer the message to Herr Hitler,

Herr Forster, Gauleiter of Danzig, has signed a "constitutional law” reuniting Danzig to the Reich.

The Italian Council of Ministers announces that Italy will “ take no initiative” in military operations.

The Cannes Film Festival is canceled


Jessica Stewart Dismorr commited suicide

It was learned to-day from unofficial but highly reliable German and Hungarian sources that a German military commander will be installed in Bratislava in the next few days. So far there has been no such official in Bratislava, and the appointment, taken with the news that Slovak army barracks in Bratislava have been partly evacuated to make room for German troops, has aroused the fear in Bratislava that a formal occupation of the Slovak capital may shortly be expected,

Additional force has been lent to this fear by the sudden increase in the number of German uniforms seen in the streets of Bratislava, which have hitherto been free of them. Many Germans who have been in Bratislava for weeks in civilian clothes are now to be seen in their accustomed cafés in officers' uniforms, although officially there are few officers stationed here.

Hippodrome Theater demolished in New York

In the past few weeks 230,000 persons have been added to the number of those who come under the London war-time evacuation schemes. This is the result of a decision to allow areas on Thames-side and on the borders of the metropolitan area to be classed as vulnerable instead of neutral areas. In some places only parts have been included in the evacuation scheme, but the result has been to reduce the number of billets around London and to increase the demand for them outside. The original London scheme is now being revised and added to.

The Seventh International Cinematographic Exhibition was opened this evening at Venice with a speech by Signor Alfieri, Minister of Popular Culture. The first film to be shown was Robert Koch, sent by Germany. Dr. Goebbels, who was accompanied by his Under-Secretary, Herr Dietrich, and a group of officials, was the chief guest at the ceremony. This morning he and his suite were conveyed in state along the Grand Canal in a string of gondolas. Dr. Goebbels is to stay a week in Venice, three days of which will be devoted to an official programme of ceremonies and visits. See more

is at the Venice Film Festival