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Roger Raczyński

Played an important role in establishing the government of Władysław Sikorski.

Roger Raczyński

Played an important role in establishing the government of Władysław Sikorski.

Following up on the telephone conversation with Ambassador ŁukasiewiczPolish Ambassador to France, I am asking for instructions regarding the Speakers of the Sejm and the Senate, as well as around 40 deputies and senators. Paris must solve the issue of visas. I am asking for instructions regarding funding.

I am asking for an early agreement with the Vatican to temporarily store the tapestries and the Wawel treasury, evacuated confidentially to Bucharest. They would be transported by car under the supervision of the current custodian, Świerz-Zaleski.

Please keep this matter strictly confidential. 

The Romanian Government has agreed to the transit of gold through Romania, providing full guarantee of security on its territory, provided that the gold is transported in one shipment to Constanza, where it should be loaded on a ship immediately.

However, the Romanian government does not agree to storing gold in Romania, even temporarily, out of fear of an attack on the part of Germany.

I agreed with the English envoy about the ship.

Gafencu suggests moving the gold to Turkey or Egypt, or even better, to England.

I was periodically receiving information from serious sources about further German pressure on the Romanian government  - as well as rumours in some of the political and press circles -  that attempts were made to establish German-Romanian negotiations to conclude a non-aggression pact. I raised these issues during my talk yesterday with Minister Gafencu. See more


I communicated our standpoint on the German-Soviet pact to Gafencu, which he understands completely. He considers the situation very grave, expecting that the conflict will break out any day now, which coincides with the opinion of the French ambassador. The Germans plan to continue this intimidation game, and the chancellor will probably want to use the planned speech in Królewiec for that. The German representative showed G. instructions from Berlin stating the decisions to conclude the pact were preceded by two and a half months of negotiations with the Soviets, setting all details. According to G. it is a proof of a double game played by the Soviets, as well as to the fact that the delays in the Anglo-French-Soviet talks had nothing to do with the negative stance of Poland and Romania on the possible march of Soviet troops.