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Hello! Hello! Can you hear us? This is our last message. Today, German troops entered Warsaw. 

Our thoughts are with the Polish soldiers fighting on Hel and all the other soldiers, wherever they are. Poland has not perished yet! Long live Poland!

Colonel Wacław Lipiński speaking:

"Today I would like to describe the situation in general, and from a military perspective. Warsaw-Modlin is currently the most significant centre of Polish resistance. We have considerable forces here, with troops that have broken through from the West. The armies of general Kutrzeba and general Bortnowski fought an extremely heavy battle over Bzura several days ago. It was one of the bloodiest, if not the bloodiest, battles in this war. This battle will be remembered as one of the most tense and demanding in the history of all war, not only this war. "

We heard the fighting last night and during the night. You hear the attacks on Annopol, Bródno, and Saska Kępa. All these enemy attacks combined with very strong artillery fire, very strong attacks, were completely repelled. The enemy bled, its efforts were in vain. During the day, very strong artillery preparations also continued throughout the Praga section. On the western section, as we know, the Warsaw defense ring has been extended. We went out here a few kilometres forward and today the enemy tried to oust us from these new positions. There was fierce fighting there, but all of the enemy's attempts to push us back were unsuccessful. One of the battalion's commanders, Major Bronisław Kamiński, was killed in these fights today. He gave orders until the last minute, despite being hit by several bullets. The army is fighting every day, every hour and Warsaw helps it immensely with its morale, its solidarity. But there is still a lot to do here.

We have strong forces in Modlin, Brest and Lviv, west of Warsaw in the area of Łowicz and Kutno, but Warsaw is the central point. For both political and moral reasons, having Warsaw and having the capital is extremely important for the enemy. It is always like that. It is an honour to be a resident of the capital. But the time comes when many Varsovians become numb to this honour. Well, it's hard, you have to be prepared, it's not over, this honour will still need to be defended. All calculations in time translated into normal peace language fail in war, everything changes at a rapid pace. See more

I will finish with the weather, it was raining. Thank God it rained. We need it, the pilots will not be making life difficult for us. And tomorrow, regardless of whether the weather is good or not, Warsaw will probably have a hot day, maybe hotter than today, maybe the same, but in any case, you have to be prepared, so that when it ends when Warsaw has made history defending itself, so that there's something to talk about. As the song says, "leaning on their swords, knights stood and talked about their victories". Soon the time will come when Warsaw will tell stories about what it was like during these fights and how everyone was a hero.

As usual, I begin with an update from the Warsaw Defense Command. We start with the words "artillery fire", which was unleashed on Warsaw today. This fire was defined as harassing fire. Every now and again the enemy shoots a series of shots, trying to intimidate  Warsaw with this harassing fire. The enemy also shoots grenades, containing shrapnel, to explode in the air. So they blow up in the air throwing debris around. These types of missiles are directed at living targets, not at destroying the fortifications. At living targets, and therefore at people; in this case, these missiles are directed precisely at the people of Warsaw. The enemy thinks we are terrified, that it has already overpowered the inhabitants of Warsaw. It even transmitted a message saying that if Warsaw does not stop resisting, it will fire at the city. As if until now it had not fired at Warsaw, but at London or Paris and left us in peace.

All of Warsaw peaceful. There was no raid. Many residents of Warsaw were surprised, but the reason is simple - bad weather. In Poland, basically everyone complains about the weather, everyone complains about the climate. It is said that for six months it is cold and for six months it is winter. Well, just as we have always wished for nice weather, now since September 1, Poles have wished for bad weather like never before. Bad weather, and especially rain, which can seriously affect operations.

Hello, this is Warsaw, Colonel Wacław Lipiński will speak:

"As for today's situation, you already know how things looked from the message of the Warsaw Defense Command. The day was peaceful throughout the entire area. The night, however, was less peaceful. There were several short but serious raids on our side all over the area, but the most important one took place near Okęcie in the unit of Colonel Porwit. This raid was supported by armored vehicles. We destroyed one tank, four trucks, two motorbikes, and took three tanks captive and brought them to Warsaw. Colonel Jakub Chmura, two junior officers and one cadet died in this raid. Captain Hempel Zygmunt was seriously injured. Lieutenant Pajewski Stefan is also among the dead. The names of the other two officers killed will be announced tomorrow. Warsaw itself had a quiet day, airplanes did not bother us after a difficult day yesterday. It could be just a respite. Maybe it is because of these losses, maybe the enemy aircraft is being taken elsewhere. In any case, the day passed peacefully. "

We have to focus on the negative as well as the positive. Especially if they point to bad things to come. There is current paranoia over spies and sabotage. This phenomenon certainly exists and plays a role in warfare. But we must agree that the damage caused by this sabotage is certainly much smaller than the damage caused by paranoid fear of it. We need to calm down and stop being so suspicious and seeing enemy lights, rockets, poisoned candy, balloons, and God knows what.

So the whole world already knows that we are defending ourselves. But let's not rest on our laurels. Nothing is known for certain in war. Maybe this is the end of this war game, maybe this is the end of Warsaw’s war? Or maybe it will start again? Nothing is known. However, we know for sure that if it starts again, it will be more seriously than before.

German troops occupy Częstochowa. In air combat, we took down fourteen enemy aircraft and lost three of our own. Westerplatte is fighting. After heavy fights, we were forced to leave Grudziądz and Bydgoszcz.


Nowy Swiat Street, by the British Embassy in Warsaw. The whole crowd, many thousands of people, raised two fingers and swore they will fight until the last drop of blood. On the balcony of the embassy the staff appeared. They wave their hands and handkerchiefs, they smile to the crowd, they greet the brotherly Polish nation. The brotherly Polish nation greets their English friends. Long live the English people! Long live Great Britain! United we will defeat the enemy! We will win! In this moment the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, colonel Beck, drives into the courtyard. Long live minister Beck! Long live! The country of Germany country shall know how tight-knit Europe stands against this disgrace, against the banditry of the plunderers.


Warsaw and all broadcasting stations of the Polish Radio.

Today at 5:40 am, in violation of the non-aggression pact, German troops crossed the Polish border. A number of cities were bombarded. In a moment, you will hear a special announcement: “So, war has begun. Today, all other affairs and issues have become insignificant. We will put all our public and private lives on hold. We have entered the period of war. All the efforts of the nation must be for one end. We are all soldiers. We must think of only one thing: fight till victory”.