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Polish Embassy in London


to the Embassies in London and Paris

I am asking the Ambassador to inform the local government that, despite the fact that the government knew about Polish collaboration in the English initiative, the German land army has carried out an aggression on Polish territory while their air force bombarded several towns. The Polish government, determined to defend the independence and honor of Poland until the end, trusts that it will receive immediate help from its allies in accordance with existing agreements.

Rome and Washington are only performing point I of the code.

Thanks for notifying us of the answer given to Hitler. Having just as honest and peaceful intentions as France, the Polish government is convinced that only decisiveness and bravery in military decisions and peace in diplomatic negotiations can stop the situation now. Our well-known basic demands for any potential agreement are not and would not be subject to any compromise.

Today discussions with the ambassadors of Great Britain and France in reference to suggestions of both governments. I asked if the French and the British governments consider it necessary to remind the government of the German Reich that such interference in Danzig affairs threatens peace, and that the governments of Great Britain and France would not be indifferent to it. I asked for a quick answer.

Moreover, I said that, since the German government had not previously published its declaration to the Polish chargé d'affaires in Berlin, I considered the case confidential and I did not inform press about it until I heard that Germany had publicised it.