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Juliusz Łukasiewicz

Upon the Invasion of Poland in September 1939 he lobbied the French government to fulfil their obligations within the Franco-Polish Alliance.

Juliusz Łukasiewicz

Upon the Invasion of Poland in September 1939 he lobbied the French government to fulfil their obligations within the Franco-Polish Alliance.

Quai d'Orsay officially announced that officers and privates of the Polish Army, as well as Polish volunteers, who would be applying to join Polish units in France, will be granted entry visas.

In some cases, the fitness of the volunteers will be examined at the Embassy or Consulate.

We plan on creating assistance centers for Poles in Germany and on occupied territories under the auspices of the Swedish mission in Bern. I am asking for the broadest possible authority to be granted to the Swedish representative in Bern. We will be able to provide personnel and cover the expenses.

Following up on the telephone conversation with Ambassador ŁukasiewiczPolish Ambassador to France, I am asking for instructions regarding the Speakers of the Sejm and the Senate, as well as around 40 deputies and senators. Paris must solve the issue of visas. I am asking for instructions regarding funding.

The French Government offered the President of the Republic of Poland and the Polish government the opportunity of establishment on French territory while maintaining full sovereign rights and extraterritorial power.

If necessary, every effort should be made to ensure that the government there does not deny the principle that the highest Polish authorities retain all attributes of sovereignty, like in Belgium in 1914. If necessary, the above can be notified or addressed in public declarations.

French troops between the Rhine and the Moselle are seeking to conquer observation points through a series of specific actions. They were successful in several locations.

The area near the Luxembourg border, from where French troops were forced out on the 12th inst. by the German counterattack, was reconquered by the French. Armoured weapons in the fighting on both sides.

Air force on both sides takes part in the fighting and conducts reconnaissance. According to French aviators, German aircraft clearly avoid combat during encounters.

According to information provided to General Burhardt by General Denc, the British government entered negotiations with the Soviet government. The main topic is to be the blockade of Germany from the East. News from the same source that negotiations with Italy are on the right track and are to be completed within a week, with Italy joining the anti-German coalition.

The situation in the country is dangerous. Public opinion should be convinced that this is the result of the devastating advantage of the motorised and air forces of Germany that are almost entirely deployed here due to the short duration and nature of the French front and the Allied airforce tactics.

The lack of allied air action and consequences thereof should be emphasised in the press as much as possible. While avoiding questioning the loyalty of our allies, it should be stated that Poland, by binding a huge part of the enemy's forces on its front and displaying fierce physical and moral resistance, gives the Allies a great strategic service, and a great moral service to the whole world. It is necessary to maximize every report of Germany's barbaric methods of combat.

Please send a secure communication to the Polish Government stating that they should allow ambassadors in Paris and London to access to a financial loan granted to Poland by England and France. The French and English ambassadors in Warsaw will confirm the authorization of the delegates of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The sum of the loan is 8.2 million pounds, with 1 million pounds sterling and 120 million French francs for immediate use for purchases in third countries.

The French began to fight yesterday, after crossing the border on the Saar-Louis Chio section, a 20-kilometer strip of land, and after making contact with the security line reinforced by the enemy. The Germans put up strong resistance by making counter-attacks and strengthening their front with large units of newcomers.

On that day, there were small air skirmishes on the border, both sides lost 2-3 planes, neither side has bombarded the other yet. There were 4-5 raids. It is very important that Ambassador Biddle testifies in Washington that non-military facilities are being bombed in Warsaw.

I met Blum, Herriot and Daladier today. At D.’s I categorically demanded the immediate start of air operations. He categorically stated that the delay was caused only by the English, who were hiding behind the American opinion. He agreed to my demands, promised to intervene in London immediately. Here battle began, there are deaths and injuries.No news from thereabouts. I let Raczyński and my friend go. D. authorized me to ensure that any peace proposals would be categorically rejected. Herriot and Blum are as well disposed as possible. Goering's speech will not be given to the press.

I was not able to see Daladier today or yesterday, I don’t know if it is because he is upset with my energetic endeavours regarding the ultimatum, or if he is busy due to the government's reconstruction and negotiations with Italy. At the headquarters, they've clearly been tiptoeing around my military attaché since yesterday, they share no information with him about the French plan.

Tomorrow I will try to continue through other avenues. There is no appetite for war in political circles, the masses are in a good mood. There seems to be a definite retreat from the path to war.

I signed the interpretative protocol of the alliance agreement and the secret protocol. I agreed to Switzerland and Luxembourg! I believe these matters are irrelevant today, however, it is important to set a clause which prohibits separate peace deals, and emphasizes the shared interests in our alliances with England and France. There are no other changes. The report will be announced tomorrow by Havas.

I saw ŁukasiewiczPolish Ambassador to France. He is nervous, animated. He still holds a grudge against France. Really, it’s unclear why. He’s somewhat dejected ...


Instructions for Coulondre sent, démarche will be done today at 12 o’clock, ultimatum time limit: the 4th day of this month, 5 am. The dissent with the English caused by their refusal of carrying out military operations today in the afternoon. Gamelin played for time in the last phase. I definitely demand immediate efficient military operations after the war begins. At 6 pm I will be at the president’s. The French ultimatum can be announced.

Bonnet informed me: Voroshilov asserted that further negotiations regarding the Berlin agreement are pointless thereby putting all responsibility on us for our refusal to let the Soviet troops pass. Molotov told the French ambassador the same, stating we showed disdain towards Soviet help offered, and by refusing it we are completely responsible for breaking the arrangement and therefore for the Soviet-German pact. See more