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Today is fairly peaceful - our artillery is driving the planes away. In the morning, there was a commotion because of the news that Germans will enter Krakow at any moment. The city is surrendering to avoid bombardments. 

Authorities and offices have already been evacuated. President Czuchajowski and the magistrate director left, supposedly taking the municipal treasury with them. Heads of construction and plants directors Orzelin and Jeleński also left. With tears in his eyes, Vice-president Klimecki was trying to calm other officials down and recommending they get to work as usual. Together with Mr Meyerhold, we asked for the establishment of the Civic Committee this morning and the preparation of an appeal to the citizens and organisation of the Civic Guard. 

My family, of course, sits tight and will not leave Krakow, although nearly the whole house is empty. See more

Josef BeckPolish Foreign Minister refuses Hitler's claim to Danzig before the Polish Parliament.

Faithfulness to the alliance with Poland and unwavering readiness of England.

The session of the House of Commons began at 2:45 as scheduled, inaugurated by Prime Minister Chamberlain’s review of his governments foreign policy. The Prime Minister, after receiving warm applause from the assembly, brought up the issue of Gdańsk discussed during the last foreign debate on July 21. He restated his conviction that there was no issue that could not be resolved by peaceful negotiations. The Prime Minister continued: unfortunately, since then, the international situation is deteriorating and today we are facing the threat of war.

We have considered the German issue many times in these columns, and come to the conclusion that the German mass has been ruled for centuries until today by the primitive instincts of the steppe horde, appropriately imprisoned within the framework of iron discipline. We have shown more than once the striking convergence of the psychological and ideological dispositions governing the German populations and those governing the great Russian population.

In all London state schools a trial evacuation was carried out. Young citizens showed unusual subordination for their age and self-control, putting themselves in groups with bundles containing the necessary clothing and food supplies. Younger children had cards with names, their London address and the name of the town they were traveling to.


We do not know its content at this moment, we do not even know whether it will actually take effect, or whether it will notbreak down at the last moment with unexpected difficulties or "doubts", in which the Soviet government has so far turned out to be a master . We do not know whether it will go beyond generalities. The Soviets and the Germans can easily overcome the contradiction of their ideological positions, but it is not known whether they will be able to easily overcome the contradictions of their real interests, both in the Baltic basin, in Ukraine, and finally in the Middle East.

Switzerland has strengthened the garrisons around the border. All roads and bridges over the border between Germany and Italy are undermined and guarded. These precautions were taken by Switzerland due to the concentration of German motorized troops in the Black Forest and near Basel. Italy, for its part, has concentrated the army between Milan and the Swiss border.

What caused the imprisonment of what German propaganda is calling ‘thousands of innocent, peaceful Silesians’? The cause was the destruction of a network of subversive spies in Upper Silesia. The ongoing investigation does not allow the disclosure of various sensational details, which, however, will soon be made public during the trial of the captured band members and their accomplices.

Germany can't risk a war! The Germans have fallen into the paroxysm of rage, bordering on insanity. Poland has now become Berlin's enemy No. 1 and the whole German propaganda effort is aimed at creating an impression in Europe that Poland is an aggressor, that it dreams of conquest and barbarically persecutes poor, peaceful, and loyal Germans.

Opening of the Northern Trade Fair in Wilnius

Today it seems more clear than a month ago that the Reich Chancellor, having engaged in the Gdansk cause, is not only thinking about the Free City, but he is now heading down the path of Prussian imperialism expressed in the words "Drang nach Osten".

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German aggression broke the composure and resolution of the opponents.

The position of England and France against German intentions is simple and clear. Any attempted German attack will be met with armed response, which in effect will be tantamount to triggering a world war. Wojn, walking like an ominous shadow behind the Germans, forces, of course, to consider all opportunities and possibilities. First of all, what will be the behavior of the southern part of the axis, what is the decisive factor in Rome, how does one respond to the caprices of the "loner from Berchtesgaden"?

To discuss these issues, a conference was organized in Salzburg.

The current international situation is confused by a flood of rumors that make it difficult to see the picture clearly.

In London, there are strange rumors about Gdańsk. Theories about the reasons for the departure of the High Commissioner of the League of Nations from Gdansk to Germany are completely subjective.

The conversations in Salzburg took place despite warnings from Poland and France. Instead of lasting only a few hours, as it was originally announced, the deliberations in Salzburg lasted three days. This is the only certain information that the French press is highlighting, discussing without too much concern the mysterious talks of Hitler and Ribbentrop with min. Ciano.