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Ignacy Mościcki

Longest serving President in history of Poland: he held this post from 1926 to 1939.

Ignacy Mościcki

Longest serving President in history of Poland: he held this post from 1926 to 1939.

Yesterday's news, the latest, so to speak: President Mościcki President of Polandis interned in Romania. Some "government" has been formed in Paris, with Raczkiewicz serving as "President" and Zaleski as foreign minister. This is Poland now. I don't know what happened to BeckPolish Foreign Minister. But there are no rumours that anyone committed suicide.

They are still not issuing passes to Warsaw. And the world goes on: the sun is warming the chilly air, two puppies are rolling in the mud in front of our house.

Ignacy MościckiPresident of Poland

I have received your telegram stating that as the result of the bombing by German aircraft of Polish towns and villages possessing no considerable military objective thousands of the civil population of Poland are dead or wounded.

It had been my hope following the receipt from the several belligerent powers of the replies to my appeal of September 1, in which they stated their intentions to limit the operations of their air forces to military objectives, that the world would be spared the horror of witnessing during this war the bombing of open towns and villages and the slaughtering of thousands of innocent and defenceless men, women, and children.

In view of the hundreds of thousands of lives which may be at stake, it is my earnest hope that the Governments of the belligerent countries will renew their orders prohibiting the practice of bombing civilians in unfortified centers of population from the air, and that they will take measures to assure themselves that their respective air forces are showing that regard for the lives of non-combatants which their replies to my appeal of September 1 have led the world to expect.



Citizens of the Republic!

We state in the face of God and history that tonight our eternal enemy began an offensive on the Polish State.

In this historical moment, I address all citizens of the Country, in a deep conviction that the whole nation will support  the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces in defence of its freedom, independence, and honour, and will put up a worthy resistance to the attacker, as it has already done in the history of German-Polish relations. The Polish nation, united with the army, blessed by God, and in its fight for this holy and righteous cause, will go arm-in-arm to fight for victory.

Ignacy Moscicki,

President of the Republic 

The obvious gravity of the existing crisis imposes on everyone the urgent obligation of considering all possible means by which the outbreak of an all-out war could be prevented. With this in mind I consider myself entitled to propose some possible solutions to be considered.

The dispute between the governments of Poland and the German Reich could be a subject of direct discussion between the two governments. See more