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Georgi Dimitrov

Dimitrov led the Communist International from 1934 to 1943.


—Report by Molotov over the radio about the Red Army’s crossing the border into western Belorussia and western Ukraine.

—Discussion with Springhall (English CP): he departs on 18 September 1939.


—England has declared war against Germany. France has announced that it is commencing to fulfill its obligations as regards Poland.

—French comrades—Guyot and Airoldi—have been given instructions.

They’re leaving tomorrow by plane. (Letarge, too.)

—Valko Chervenkov, Lena, Beno, and Herta here with us. Saw The Parade of Youth and Courage.

—Doctor arrived, advised staying home on 31 August so the infection would not develop complications.

—Disturbing reports from all countries.

—Military preparations in England and France.

—Mobilization in Holland, Belgium, and Switzerland.

—Germany and Poland have assumed fully military postures.

—All the same, there is still a chance of coming to a compromise solution about Danzig and the corridor.

—In the USSR, calm assurance about the future.

Opening of the extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. The agenda:

  1. Agricultural tax;
  2. Universal conscription law;
  3. Ratification of the nonaggression treaty between the USSR and Germany.

— Meeting of the secretariat on the non-aggression pact. A directive has been drafted and sent to the parties.

Nonaggression treaty between the USSR and Germany published.


—(Ribbentrop and his entourage arrived in Moscow to negotiate the nonaggression pact.)

— Meeting of the secretariat.

— Directive for the parties in connection with negotiations between Germany and the USSR.