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Friedrich Kellner

Political organizer for the Social Democratic Party of Germany. Kellner campaigned against Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

Friedrich Kellner

Political organizer for the Social Democratic Party of Germany. Kellner campaigned against Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.


According to official reports, Russian troops invaded Poland. Those who profit from the war, the beer trade and the game of scat, win. The fourth section of Poland for these people is a fait accompli. This is exactly the picture that takes shape in the minds of my fellow citizens. I stand alone again - I can’t imagine Russia doing anything for the benefit of Germany. Hitler in his book "Mein Kampf" directly states that the expansion of the living space of Germany is possible only by seizing land in the East, and therefore it is clear to any reasonable person: a tough clash with the Slavs is inevitable.

Mood is depressed. Military activities are bad for the psyche. Especially blackout, which everyone should strictly observe. In the evening in the town is deathly silent. Old men do not dare to go out. An unusual calmness on the roads. Automotive Germany is sleeping. From September 20, only vehicles with a special permission and sign will be able to move along the tracks.

Millions of my fellow citizens are saturated with the poison of the "solar" policy. People believe any rumors that raise their spirits. Everyone is waiting for a miracle. It is worth some crazy to publicly declare that 30,000 German aircraft are ready for a bombing attack on England or for another powerful attack against this country, as a crowd of "believers" gathers around the "herald".

Whatever you have met in recent days, you will certainly hear the question: “How do you assess the situation?” Of course, the greatest care must be exercised. Frank statements are possible only in a very narrow circle, among true friends. Retaining a clear mind is extremely small. Anyway, here in the countryside.

The optimism that prevailed in the early days diminished slightly, but the population is too eager to believe that the war would end soon. I still express some doubts, recall the war of 1914, it also had to end in six weeks. Belief in miracles is exceptionally strong. For six years nat.-soc. the propaganda completely fooled the people with brains. Incredibly, unfortunately, a fact. See more

The people are intoxicated with the first successes in Poland, although they are clearly exaggerated. Our complete victory should be doubted at least because of the introduction of grocery cards. However, children's faith in the infallibility of gods and demigods is not yet shaken. Needless to say, even if people, who by virtue of life experience should have their own opinion, swallow absurdities and rumors, like hungry dogs are a piece of meat, and again think of themselves as heroes.

And why not just talk about the powers of the axis! Despite the failure in 1915, many Germans still believe in their irresistible power. After the conclusion of the Anti-Comintern Pact, I said in a narrow circle that Italy would never enter the war on the side of Germany, the answer to this was silence at best, nobody wanted to agree with me.

Correctly say: the Lord amazes the criminal with blindness. How can one fight and win a war with an actually enslaved people? See more

Day after day we live in monstrous tension. Obvious signs of mobilization should alert even the biggest optimist.

Of course, there is no consensus on the current situation among the population. But those people who learn information from official sources, for the most part believe that our army has some kind of fabulous power and will instantly take possession of Poland. When you can assign something, you can hardly hear the voice of reason. And then you understand how people are characterized by rapacity and greed! No one thinks that tomorrow, according to the same “right”, they can be driven away from their native piece of land. See more