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Anatol Muhlstein

From 1927, he held the post of the Chargé d' Affaires for the Polish embassy in Brussels.

Anatol Muhlstein

From 1927, he held the post of the Chargé d' Affaires for the Polish embassy in Brussels.

The situation in 1939 is not the same as it was in 1914. There is no Austria anymore, and Piłsudski is dead. In any case, even if he were alive, he wouldn't have been able to do anything simply because modern Germans would not have agreed to create a Polish army. And even had they decided to do so, Russia would have opposed it.
When will Poles finally understand that their survival relies only on sincere cooperation with the Western liberal and democratic world?

The war is taking its course. There are earnest reports of operations that resulted in taking ten people captive... Ships are still sinking at sea, sometimes they're hit by torpedoes, sometimes they run on mines. There's no action in the air. Will this strange war always be like this?

News reports coming from Poland are sadder than ever. Terrible oppression. I'm trying to find out anything about the real state of affairs but it's really difficult.

Today, General Sikorski took command of the Polish army in France.

Kawałkowski and Dąbrowski arrived to inform us about the best possible way to proclaim General Sikorski Commander of the Polish Armed Forces. Dąbrowski drafted an explanatory note showing that - due to the lack of active command of the army, and following the custom of the Polish army, General Sikorski, as the person holding the highest rank in the Polish army in France, has the right to assume command without any additional formalities.

In the evening, after supper, General Sikorski came with Stroński. We discussed the matter of the presidency. Everyone agreed to refuse any cooperation with Wieniawa. It was much more difficult to reach an agreement on a different candidacy. Stroński proposed Paderewski, General Sikorski was thinking about himself.

I came back from Deauville this morning. It’s all quiet in the countryside. No sight of war.

I spent the day in Deauville. A calm, beautiful day. The beach is empty. Only a few young boys and girls are walking around. Long walks with my daughters, especially Anka, who does not want to leave my side.

Refugees from Poland are starting to come in. The Zalewskis, Szembek, Słonimski and Tuwim came. Zaleski is the same, his wife is unrecognisable. They went through terrifying experiences.

Warsaw is still holding up. Poles fight fiercely. Since there's no more error, the defence seems to intensify, no matter how hopeless. Stefan Starzyński and Lipiński are becoming heroes. What a rich material for a philosopher to consider. Starzyński, an average man in times of peace, revealed a number of admirable qualities during the war. In all his mediocrity, he was one of the best people of the regime, hardworking and honest. He had great merits as the mayor of Warsaw. Average intelligence, a lot of initiative, diligence – these are the main features of his personality.

I heard that the Italian radio reported the arrival of 29 cars in Italy carrying the President of the Republic, ministers and their deputies. They say Marshal Rydz-Śmigły is with them as well. If that's true, that would be too much!

I don't know what's happening with Śmigły. Newspapers report that the whole government has crossed the border. All those ministers-officers who were so eager to wear military uniforms showed an extreme lack of interest in becoming martyrs. None of them wanted to stay with their heroic troops, which were still fighting.

The gold of the Polish Bank was exported to London.

Apparently, the Germans intend to create a Polish government right after the capture of Warsaw, and, through Mussolini, propose peace to England and France, and in the case of a refusal, strike with their full might with the help of the Italians and even the Russians. This last point seems highly doubtful to me.

War is gradually interfering with everyday life. From the 11th of this month, special permits will be needed for driving around. There is some talk of introducing fuel cards.

Unfortunately, I have the darkest premonitions. Of course, a counteroffensive is theoretically possible, but will Polish troops, harassed by hostile air forces, be able to regroup in practice? In the eastern part of the country, the railway network is very poor. The number of cars is ridiculously small.

If only I could have confidence in our leaders! But I know them: they are mediocre, arrogant, uninspired people, with unimaginable self-satisfaction and conceit. I always felt a threat of catastrophe, I predicted it to my relatives. Now that it has arrived, my heart breaks and tears come to my eyes.

A trip to Deauville. The roads are quite easy-going. Everywhere there is an impression of order and peace.