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from the beginning
Viasat History

There are not many people left in Krynica. Everyone was very nervous and agitated, especially the Jews. I ran into an old friend who had worked in the Trade Ministry. He seemed calm and composed.

- How do you think this is going to develop?

- I am full of hope. I think Stalin will make a fool of Hitler as he has a secret agreement with England. All Stalin wants is a hold on the Japanese. When they realise Germans are supporting Russia they will think twice about disaffecting Great Britain. 

He sounded so sure as if he had some secret knowledge about this pact. 

All this panic seems ridiculous but we're a stone's throw from the border and if Germany attacked from Slovakia, they would be here in half an hour. I don't think this is going to happen though. Hitler is attempting to create this huge international tension but faced with decided resistance he'll have to look for a settlement. Polish soldiers secured the bridges; guards were stationed in many places. They are not striking, but you can sense the presence of great, capable contingents.


This evening they confirmed on the radio that without doubt the German-Soviet pact has been signed in Moscow. These two countries found a common language. What can that mean but the partition of our country? This news was the signal for all of us to cut our holidays short and return home.

German territorial claims are growing by the hour. They no longer limit themselves to Gdansk. Hitler is pressing our government to send a representative to Berlin, equipped with the authority allowing him to cede part of our territory to Germany.

Thank God we have a strong army protecting the borders and allies who guaranteed these borders. Our Foreign Minister was clear in May when he declared his readiness to negotiate with the German Chancellor, pointing out however there are values more important to us than peace.

These words relayed the feelings of the whole nation.

Mother and I went on a truly exciting trip in the Dunajec Valley, one of the most beautiful and famous places in the country. The wonderful day-long trip, as well as tasting the famous river trout, made me forget about the political situation.

But I found out casually as soon as I got back to the hotel. Most of the guests were panicking, and some were already packing their luggage and talking about going home. See more