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Albert Forster

Reichsstatthalter and Gauleiter of Danzig-West Prussia from 1935.


The Constitutional law concerning the reunion of the free city of Danzig with the German Reich from September 1:

Article 1. The constitution of the Free City of Danzig is cancelled with immediate effect.

Article 2. All legislative and executive power is in the hands of the head of the State.

Article 3. The Free City of Danzig with its territory and population shall immediately form part of the territory of the German Reich.

Article 4. Until the Führer makes a definite decision about the introduction of German Reich law, all legal provisions of the constitution remain in force as they are at the moment of the issue of this constitutional law.

I ask you, my Führer, in the name of Danzig and its population, to agree to this constitutional law and to carry out the re-incorporation of Danzig by a law of the German Reich.

Meeting with the Danzig Gauleiter