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Adam Czerniaków

Engineer and senator. Future Head of the Warsaw Ghetto Jewish Council.

Adam Czerniaków

Engineer and senator. Future Head of the Warsaw Ghetto Jewish Council.

Storage at Barbary was robbed this morning. It’s a nightmare. 

I helped bury the corpses on the square near Węgierkiewiczowa. On my way home, I saw a refugee carrying things on a wooden horse.

Airplanes marked with an unfamiliar cross arrived in the morning. 

Today they paid us in meat of horses who had fallen dead in the streets. I stood at the gate from 2 to 5 at night.

There was a terrible raid at night. Dozens of dead and wounded. 

The afternoon is quiet. People are getting more optimistic. Something has happened. There are many rumors. Starzyński issued a proclamation.

No news about the situation. There's still no water. Not a word about bread. At night – loud gunfire. 

Bombardments all night. There is no gas, water, electricity, bread. A horrible day. Four incendiary bombs and shrapnel were dropped on the house where we live. Jaś put them out with sand. Then bombs from bomber aircrafts. Then fires from all sides. All the glass from the windows shattered. The family moved to Wilcza Street in the evening. I’m spending the night on Wspólna Street.

There hasn’t been any bread in a long time. There is no meat. They started to sell horsemeat, and the newspapers praise its taste, even for soup. I was nominated as President of the Jewish Religious Community in Warsaw by President Starzyński. A historical role in the besieged city. I will try to live up to it. – The entire city was bombarded all night, perhaps even more strongly than before. There is great damage to buildings and people. Sparks from the burned station fell on the school. In the office (Sienkiewicza 4) shrapnel fell on the fifth floor for the second time, demolishing two rooms. We're moving to the fourth floor.

In the morning, an executive meeting of the Citizens' Committee. A letter to Starzyński about participating in the Citizens' Committee. After dinner, two raids on Warsaw. Malwina Goldsoblowa is staying with us.

Today is judgment day – truly judgment day. Gunfire all night. Jaś is on duty from 4am to 8am.

Morning at the office. I arranged for the text of the proclamation to the Jews to be translated. I was with Colonel Eile discussing allowances for members of the Board of the Commune. A relatively calm day. How will the night be? In the morning, a bomb at Station XI, where Jaś and I are. The night is difficult, bullets hit our school.

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