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Yesterday a radio report confirmed that General Sikorski had become Prime Minister of our government, while financial matters would be overseen by Koc. The German authorities announced that all men aged 17-45 had to be registered (possibly for military service). Demobilized soldiers and prisoners from Silesia have to be dressed in German uniforms and join their army. 

Based on the Government's decision, a secret military organization under the name "Union of Armed Struggle" is established in the occupied territories of the country.


  1. By carefully selecting underground units create centres of active national resistance in order to keep up the morale of Polish society;
  2. As soon as the organization joins the Polish Army, it is to be dissolved and integrated in the regular army.
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A fresh Polish Government had, I knew, been formed in France, I was not clear how or by whom. I was taken aside by a well informed neutral friend. 'What are you British thinking of,' he said, 'about the new government?"

-What about it? I’m not an official - only a journalist. I don’t know anything. 

Well, I understand that the British take no part in this. They even have no representative vis-a-vis the poles. Sir Howard Kennard is still in London.

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The Germans admit they're at war with Romania and that severe battles are taking place in East Prussia. Apparently, the London radio reports that one Allied army crossed the Rhine near Fribourg and is now headed towards the Czech Republic; the other one is moving to Westphalia. And there will be heavy fighting. I think we'll eventually find out if it's true. I'm not writing down all rumors that we hear and all news that is reported, always based on "eyewitness accounts", but that's never really true. I only write down the ones that seem most likely to be true. 

According to the resolution of the Council of Ministers as of November 8, I am establishing the Committee of Ministers for National Affairs. Its task, as set out in the resolution, is to control all matters related to the Country, as well as the secret efforts of the Nation to free the Republic from the occupation. Preparation for an active fight against the enemy is the responsibility of the Union of Armed Struggle - a top-secret military organization whose establishment has been approved by the Council of Ministers.

There is now a new Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief, General Sikorski.

Every one of you will understand that the fall of Germany is certain, and may be expected at any moment.

There's a lot of rumors, but the more there is, the less believable they get. I don't believe in yesterday's news anymore.

The capitulation of the capital does not signify that we have made peace with the Germans, and Poland will not today, even after this brave defeat, being in so unenviable a situation, cease to fight. The demands of Moscow were worse than surrender to the enemy. We would rather die than agree to these conditions.  

Prime Minister Chamberlain strongly expressed the British government's decision to wage war until victory. On this occasion, he mentioned the overthrow of Hitler and his regime. At that time, General Sikorski noticed that neither the overthrow of Hitler or the removal of his friends nor the collapse of the Nazi regime, e.g. for generals, was an acceptable solution. The struggle is for something stronger, namely, Prussia as an exponent of the partitioning, aggressive tendencies that revive the German nation today.

For many people arrangements have been made by the government, by the Polish refugee committees, or by the Y.M.C.A. The trouble is, as it is always, the breaking of morale.

I went with Dermod O'Donovan, the energetic young Y.M.C.A. organiser, to open such a camp. We found a slummy building and wretched people, going over their grievances, quarrelling, all self-respect gone. O'Donovan made a speech at them. ' Poles! ' he said. ' You love your country. You want to free her. To do that, you must set an example to your countrymen who are still in Poland. You, in exile, must be better Poles than they. Then Poland will rise again.'

In the Polish party and political spheres in France, there is an opinion that even in the face of the impending historical storm, the government did not want to share responsibility with anyone, foreign policy was erroneous, incompatible with the instinct of the nation. We were not ready for war. Therefore, the Składkowski government should now bear all the consequences of the situation.

One young man read an article written by General Sikorski in a French weekly magazine. Apparently, he promises that liberation will happen soon. A very nice prospect but it feels as questionable as other rumors and "news".

It's always cold, the frost is harsher than it ever was before, it's felt everywhere. It's cold at home, it's cold in the shops, any walks through the city feel like being in a strange Arctic or Ice Age world. We ran out of fuel and the central heating in the whole building stopped working - we've been fearing it for a long time, and it finally happened. In the evening, we get under the covers fully clothed and freezing. It feels like being under streams of ice-cold water.

Today, a Soviet delegation arrived at Lodz to exchange German people from occupied (by the Soviets) Polish territories for local Ukrainians and Belarusians.